SPINRAZA®’s “Time to Shine” at ICNMDigital 2020


ICNMD 2020, due to take place in Valencia, Spain in July 2020, has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In its place, ICNMD is hosting a Virtual Congress, “ICNMDigital” , on 11 – 14 September 2020.

We at Biogen are delighted to take this opportunity to share important advances in the field of SMA – notably long-term outcomes of SPINRAZA® treatment in infants and children living with SMA.

During ICNMDigital, Biogen will host the second “Expert Series on SHINE” webinar, focusing on findings from the SHINE study – a long-term extension study of symptomatic patients with SMA treated in the SPINRAZA® study programme.

Featuring real patient cases and insights from the study investigators, the symposium is your unmissable chance to discover how this long-term clinical data can enhance your decision-making and transform your patient’s lives. 

Time to SHINE on SMA: Exploring the evidence from SHINE, the nusinersen open-label extension study in infants and children 

Francesco Muntoni, MD, FRCPH, FMedSci (London, UK) and Andrés Nascimento, MD (Barcelona, Spain)


The nusinersen clinical development programme – Angela Paradis, ScD (Biogen)

Setting treatment expectations in infantile-onset SMA – Francesco Muntoni MD, FRCPH, FMedSci

Setting treatment expectations in later-onset SMA – Andrés Nascimento.


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Monday 14 September 2020; 13:00–14:00 CET

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age 6 years*
Later-onset (Type II) SMA
treated with SPINRAZA®

*Age at time of photo shoot.

The characters shown are real patients and the required consent to use their stories has been obtained from the patients and families.
Photographs are for illustrative purposes only and depict the benefits of those named individuals. Individual results may vary.